As breeders and keepers of Pleasure, Performance and Fino Paso Finos we are committed to certain qualities of the breed standard that we want to maintain and improve upon.  We have selected a breeding program including excellent broodmares that will pass down the traits of the breed we so respect.  With careful consideration we match our mares with studs that represent the finest qualities of the breed.  Our vision is to bring the best of natures together.  We only use mares and studs with wonderful temperaments and excellent conformation and gait.  We seek excellence by carefully matching them to create sound horses with the integrity of the breed standard.  We look for excellent disposition, good size, beauty and perfection of the gait we came to love.  We seek excellence in the stallion's mother and follow the breeding principles that have produced the greats in our breed.
  Our program represents bloodlines from thoughtful matches with Resorte III, Resorte IV, Pleybeo, Amedeus, Classico, and Retorno de la Hacienda. Offspring from Marcapaso, Maraquero de vitral la Rosa,  Nevado, Petrolero del Juncal, Profeta de Besilu, Director, Hereadero , Sublime de Dona Lola (Vitral),  Dulce Sueno de Lusitania are matched  with our champion line mares  They show amazing promise and talent.  In addition to numerous regional shows on both coasts, our offspring have won  National and World Championships.  We are very proud of the disposition of these great horses, their willingness to perform and their future as the perfect horse for the trail rider or the show enthusiast.  We believe excellence begets excellence and therefore do not delineate what is a pleasure or trail mount from the horse that wins in the show ring.  Each of our offspring was created on the same principles of excellence, and each is encouraged to be their very best in any venue. 

What we create is directly effected by how we handle our newborns, and youngsters.  We imprint our foals at birth and for several days following the birth.  When ready for field exposure our foals and mares are turned out to large  pastures where the babies can mature and socialize with other horses of like age.  These hilled pastures encourage the development of strong sound bones, muscles and the hard feet we expect of the Paso Fino.  Throughout these growing months with the mare by their side, we continue to regularly handle the babies by bringing  them in for individual stall sessions for a week at a time.  As they are weaned we continue this regular handeing with individual sessions of a week or more per horse before they are returned to their weanling and yearling pastures.  This happens continually throughout those years so that when the horses are started they have many of their lessons already  in place.

Watching our own horses bring joy to others is our greatest pleasure. We encourage novice and accomplished riders to experience this delightful breed. Once you have ridden a well gaited and responsive Paso Fino you will be hooked for life. If we don't have the right horse for you, we will help you to find it through our network of respected breeders and trainers.

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