Larry Whitesell  October 29- Nov 3  2014. 

Rancho Toledano welcomes the return of highly acclaimed clinician and trainer Larry Whitesell.  Larry uses principles of natural dressage with Gaited horses although all breeds will benefit from his expertise. His methodology and evaluation skills brings Gaited owners a strong understanding of gait and how to achieve true collection with their horses. Riders progress through the basics of in hand work and saddle work to achieve true natural collection and supplying.  Through these practices your horse and you will experience gait, balance and flexibility. By attending a intensive workshop over 5 days with private and group interaction, participants learn to improve gait without devices, developing lightness and build engagement without building resistance. 

Use the registration form at  bottom of this page for space as a participant or auditor in our clinics. 
Please call  directly 530 362 1298 or email   Or 

Mark Russell Natural Dressage

  • This is a very small clinic making it possible for Larry to provide intense and focused work with individual riders . 
  • Arrival and set up and dinner is the afternoon before clinic starts unless you are already on site for long distance drivers.
  • All Meals served onsite for riders, Dinners for Riding participants  $18 per night. Lunch $7.00 Riders Breakfast   provided.
  • We have designated parking for self contained trailers on Fino Hill with beautiful mountain views, We will park you!
  • Guest lodging is reserved for Clinic Riders at $35 per night
  • 5 day clinic Clinic flat fee  1200  
  • Non refundable deposit necessary when billed
  • We are pretty gourmet here, so if you love to cook, please join in with the kitchen chefs!
  • Participants who would like to arrive early or  stay on to ride at spencville or on the foothill trails may do so.
  • Distance drivers may arrive early and stay overnight the last day for an additional $20.  
  • Refund Policy:   We can not offer refunds for our clinics. If you are able to find a suitable replacement to fill your slot it can be traded. 
  • $45 a day begins at 9 am  sign up for lunch..  All auditors must PRE REGISTER  Dinner not included.
  • Auditors are encouraged to audit the entire series of 5 days.  Hotels in Grass Valley 20 min away.  

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