Big Oak Valley , CALIFORNIA

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Surrounded by hundreds of miles of hilled trails and gentle rolling pastureland, RANCHO TOLEDANO PASO FINO FARM provides the perfect training ground for recreational and competitive horses. Our Northern California location in the Sierra Foothills is a haven for strengthening and training the Paso Fino and multiple breeds.
Here they will navigate and learn through obstacles and grounds that allow them to perform to the best of thier ability as your pleasure companion or your top show horse.  The horses that grow in this environment are hardy and strong when they begin their training.  Their endurance and stamina is increased over flatlands training, and their knowledge of the environments they will meet in their life's work is greatly increased. Socialization and natural horse behavior is an important part of our program. We find our horses are far more willing and focused on their work when given the freedom to explore and socialize with others in pastures .  With open fields and fencing that allows constant view of other's, no horse is alone, vices are eliminated.   Our working horses and stalled horses are turned out daily.  

We are the perfect place to bring your older or retired horse.  This is a wonderful environment to make your longtime companion feel cherished.   We have large flat pastures with covers for the less nimble where they can be horsey and safe. Stall  board  is available with daily turn out  We feed  high quality grass hay or grass / Alfalfa from Oregon, Teff or Timothy, or straight senior feed.  We offer supplement feeding, extra grains and mash, worming, blanketing  and light grooming. We will handle your farrier and vet care.  Our Farrier will speak to the needs of your horse, using shoes or barefoot.  Our vet is local  Your horses are checked often and when necessary meals are  divided to be more frequent.  We look at the whole horse when they are in retirement.     

Guest House in the Fog

Guest House in the Fog