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Rancho Toledano believes that there is a Paso Fino horse that is right for any rider from the novice to the experienced horseman, child or adult. Our offspring have found wonderful homes with amateurs and serious showman. We carefully select the match of horse and rider so the horses we have created are living in harmony with their new owners. We invite you to contact us, come for a visit and get aquainted with the variety, versatility and ride of this lovely breed.  Only then can you understand  Paso Passion!

We Have many horses for sale in all modalities of fino, coming from the very best bloodlines. You will see them as you pass through our pages. Mares, Geldings, Colts and fillies from the greatest stallions in the breed.  With our high quality broodmares we look for those stallions that have proven themselves to produce good dispostion, conformation and pure gait. We have offspring from Retourno, Capuchino, Profeta, Clasico, Vitral, Terremoto, Tormento, Cafeto, Capitan, and others.   All are appropriate for show- and all are trained for trail. We use our breeding stock for lessons and we have several broodmares for sale.  Please call if you see a horse that intrests you, and do give youself a chance to experience the ride... 

Mare Belly Lease:  Our brood mares have consistantly produced winning offspring for Fino, Performance and the highest quality pleasure horses.  You may ride all of our brood mares and see their offspring at the ranch.  If you would like to lease a belly of a well proven mare for AI or embryo transplant we will handle the proceses for you. 

Sales Horses: We have many horses looking for their forever homes, for show, leisure, cowboy dressage, competitive trail or whatever sport you enjoy.   text or call 530 362 1298  

Syboney de Toledano  SOLD
Syboney is a son of 3 time world champion Petrolero. The dam is a Pleyebo and Resorte 4 daughter. He is beautifully gaited with an excellent disposition. He has his Top points award with West Coast championships in Performance and Pleasure both amateur and Professional as well as National placements in Performance and youth classes. He is a kick to ride and versatile for pleasure and trail. Great fast largo, strong corto for long distance rides. This horse has heart, take him to trail trials, endurance and pleasure trail rides and enjoy him at home as a sweet companion horse. Syboney was started with Mark Rashid, worked colts and cattle with Cary Hardiman and brought many ribbons home to Rancho Toledano.  10 yrs old He is now white. Syboney is available in Elkton, Oregon.  Please call for details in oregon 541 707 0595 for Kelsey.  Please click for Syboney de Toledano's pedigree www.tesiopower.com/pf/sixgen.aspx
Chispiante de Dulce   SOLD
This red head 13 year old has the carriage, dispostion and beauty we seek in a Paso Fino. Chispiante is a stunning performance gelding with impeccable breeding.  The master of the ranch, he stands above them all and looks out over his herd.  He is a beautiful mover with brio to spare.  A fine example of the breed with stamina, conformation and a willing personality. Sired by Santa Humo , Bochica and Dorotea de Prodeco a Resorte Quarto daughter. Dam is Sucesora de Calidad by Resorte Quarto and an Idolo daughter.  Available in Elkton, Oregon contact Kelsey @ 541 707 0595.  Please call for details. Click on his picture to see his pedigree 

Isabella De Toledano   Six year old  Capuchino grandaughter Sired by Temblor de Terremoto.  Beautiful Performance mare with excellent mechanics,  powerful movements style and grace. She is a winner in the show ring and will make an excellent broodmare.  Call for video and pictures. 

Musica de Toledano: Fino daughter of Director del Deguao ( Profeta) and Lavendemia del Conde  ( Resorte ).  Quick and strong mechanics, beautiful grey mare with a kind and gentle personality. She is filled with heart and brio.  She has produced fino, and will make an excellent show mare and broodmare to enhance your breeding lines.

Elegancia de Toledano: Exquisite mare with good size and conformation. This is everyones favorite ride. A tresure of a mare with bloodlines of Champions. Elegancia is an Alicante grandaughter by Labriego, Puerto Ricos fino Stallion with the highest record of Champion show horses in the ring.  She has locked in gait and heart to spare. She is a lovely pleasure show horse, or fitting companion horse for trail, but her bloodlines of champions makes her easily as wonderful for your breeding program.

Balarina de Toledano  Sold : Excellent mechanics, Campion Pleasure AO fino mare   marks of a fino mare. Daughter of Acuarella de los Pinos ( Plebeyo) double Chucuano  , producer of Torballina de Toledano Mundial Champion,  Esplendido de Toledano, National Fino Geldings as well numerous fino colts and fillies.   Balirina is sired by MarcaPaso. She we be an excellent Fino prospect with bloodlines to make an excellent start to a fine breeding program.  Delicate and beautifully gaited she is not just a classic fino prospect she is a breeding bloodlines  giant for your farm.  

Pizzicato de Toledano:  SOLD Beautiful copper chestnut 4 yr old  colt out of fino Mare Balidora de Toledano and Sired by Hall of Fame stallion,  Nevado. He carries the grace, carriage, Execution and temperament of his Historic father.  He is meant to be loved on trail and in the show ring.  

Tornado De Toledano.  Son of Elegancia de Toledano and World Champion Sire Torballina de Toledano.  Dam is daughter of the great El Briego and an Alicante daughter.  He is showing himself to be a quick and talented mover.  Grey with a flowing black mane and tail, he shows talent as a performance mover for shows, but will make a lovely family companion horse. We see endurance and grace all over him. This is your Tevis Cup prospect! 

Retournello de Toledano: Sold Stunning son of La Vendemia del Conde ( Capuchero) x multi world champion Retourno LM.  Dark bay with grace, beauty and size.  Excellent size and exacting gait. Retournello will make a lovely family companion for pleasure or show.  He will begin his show career in 2010 . SOLD! Congratulations to his new owner Mark Shepard!  Above picture shows Mark and his wife Dana with their matching Paso Finos. Chata and Retournello!

Misterio de la Tierra:  Sold Fino Gelding  sired by Champion stallion Imponente ( Vitral) in La Entriega de La Tierra.  This fino gelding is an elegant mover with brio to spare. His action is low to the ground and consistant.  He will make an excellent choice for a smaller amatuer or youth fino rider. He is all class, with stunning lenghts of mane like his beautiful father.

Zelia de Toledano:This stunning bay filly is a replica of her mother ( Pleyebo x Fantasia de la Victoria) and the carriage and beauty of her sire Cafeto del Juncal. We expect great things from her. Very low handed like her mother- with excellent mechanics and willing temperment.  Zelia has won in all of her classes on the West Coast.  She is a loving and willing companion.  SOLD:  Congratulations to her new owner Elena Silva !

Profecia de Toledano:  Perfection!  Beautiful  Pleasure mare from Capuchero daughter and the great Profeta.  SOLD 
Essencia de MarcaPaso:  Exquisite buckskin filly in an Afitrion daughter by Marca Paso. This three year old filly is a heartstopper. She has incredible power and mechanics with consistant fulidity of motion.  She will begin her show carreer this year.  We are pleased to say that Essencia proved to be what we saw in her as a young filly.  She won the PASO FINO NATIONAL 4 year old AO Championship at the Memphis PHFA Nationals in 2011!

Coming two year olds that show amazing Promise are from champions: Heredero, Marcapaso, Maraquero, Petrolero de Juncal, and Arco Iris. All are available for sale.  Please call for Video

Our yearlings represent breedings from Tormento de La Virgina, Profeta,  and Muheriego del Conde, Please call for video

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