Email contact for Rancho Toledano



Breeding, Training, Sales, Boarding 
Penn Valley, California

Owners: Robert and Yvette Trevorrow 
530 362 1298
Air Travel:  Sacramento International Airport
Driving:  One hour north of Sacramento off Hiway 70 
Twenty minutes south of Grass Valley, Ca off Hiway 20


MAPS to Rancho Toledano Paso Fino Farm

Google Directions: Each map has been tinkered with to get you to the ranch without problems.
Click on the ranch destination point and then press "get directions."
 Use Rancho Toledano Paso Fino Farm or
12900 Hatchett Creek, Big Oak Valley 95977 


GPS Directions are Faulty.  Try putting in Olivehurst California from the South then follow the directions on the maps here. 
From the North GPS to Penn Valley and use the directions here. 
Your land mark  from Grass Valley is "Beal Air Force Grass Valley Gate" 
  Up from Marysville, Hiway 20, look for the smartville fire dept then right on Hammonton Smartville RD. 
  From Penn Valley ( Grass Valley) Look for the Beal Air Force Gate and turn left on Hammonton Smartville Road.

When you arrive at the ranch you will see a stone wall and sign. Stay to the right and drive down to the arena. DO NOT GO TO THE LEFT at the sign.  Ver to the right and call  us at the arena. 



From Grass Valley to ranch

Please use Google Maps ONLY. GPS takes you off route. yahoo takes you off route. 

Ranch will ill come up as Rancho Toledano Paso Fino Farm.  Real address 12900 Hatchett Creek , Big OaK Valley 95977. It may come up as smartsville. 


DO NOT  drive down the hill on Hatchett Creek.  When you get to the  boulders and stone wall with Rancho Toledano sign immediately ver to the right. Stay to the right and drive to the arena.  Call when you are at bottom of Doughtry.