I am privileged  to share the writings of my friend and "Cowboy Poet" , Larry Palmer.  It is not often that we read stories about all animals that touch our heart and teach us to be better people.  Larry's writings are true to the motto that "Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains un-awakened."  Why would I choose a photo of Camden the Himalayan cat to be my header photo? Because I looked in his eyes and saw the HEART  that brings us all in to our loved animals- no matter what the species.   That is very much the style of my friend Larry.   He teaches us that all animals awaken our spirit. 

Larry writes about his horse's, two Paso Fino Geldings named Donoso and Cal, as well as many animals that touch his heart or cross his path.  It may be a cat, or a celebrity horse or his backyard Paso Finos, but he is constantly reawakening his passion for animals and what they teach him.  With that understanding and passion he has opened his eyes to see lost souls healed by their interaction with horses, and given greats like Barbaro hero status for perseverance and determination.  Quite simply I have been reminded how important animals are in my life every time I open my mailbox with a new note from Larry.  It is not often that we read stories about how all animals may touch our heart and teach us to be better people.  Larry gives us lessons to appreciate the valuable bond between   human and animals and one would be hard pressed to not take those lessons to heart.  Please read these writings or cowboy poetry- and you will agree that animals open our hearts to new beginnings.  I start you off with Why God Made Animals. 
There are several more- and as with any good poet, there will be more to come.

          WHY GOD MADE ANIMALS                    
          By, Larry Palmer

          We have just seen the movie "Marley and Me". The film was, of course, about people and dogs so going in you knew it was bound to tug at a few strings of your heart.  It struck me that maybe God did put the creatures on the earth to serve humans but not in the way we often imagine.  Perhaps, just perhaps, God put these marvelous animals here to show us the way.  Show us what we could be if we tried harder and let go more. What if we could, at least in spirit, soar like an eagle, swim like a Dolphin, and sprint across the plains with the speed and majesty of the horse.  After all of our hubris most animals are faster, stronger and many are even more attractive than the human.  What if we could love with the abandon of a dog...with loyalty, purity and complete devotion of which the human seems incapable or unwilling.      Why is it the human needs a conduit like a dog, or a cat or a horse to permit the flow of love unimpeded, unlimited and unconditional?  Is that why God made these marvelous creatures in the first place?  Maybe it's no accident that "dog" spelled backward is God.
Predictably, the movie ends when Marley's life ends. Or maybe it just begins again.  But, one is struck by the pain that comes so easily, the vise that tightens around the stomach and the aching at the back of the throat...and the inevitable tears that fall.  I wouldn't trust someone whose eyes didn't water at the end of this film.  And through it all we know that the pain in this "song of life" could have been avoided by not having a "Marley" in your life.  But, by avoiding the pain of the song we would also have missed the dance.  And the dance was worth it all.


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